Museum of Antiquities                                Newcastle-upon-Tyne             
Interested in the archaeology of the north of England? The Museum of Antiquities has it all: The earliest prehistoric objects, superb Bronze Age displays, impressive Anglo Saxon sculpture and medieval jewellery.  It is the main museum for Hadrain's Wall with internationally famous artefacts and a reconstructed temple to Mithras. 
Admission is free.
Directions:  Located in the University campus we are 2 minutes walk from the Haymarket metro station.


Shefton Museum                                Newcastle-upon-Tyne                
The Shefton Museum has the most significant collection of archaeological material from the Greek world in the north of England.  On display are many fine examples of Greek painted pottery, from Athens and other Greek cities, as well as an impressive range of armour, other metal objects and sculpture.  Admission is free.
Directions:  Located in the University campus we are 2 minutes walk from the Haymarket metro station.

Allen Banks & Staward GorgeBardon Mill, HexhamCountryside
This extensive area of gorge and river scenery, including the 41-hectare (101-acre) Stawardpeel Site of Special Scientific Interest, has miles of waymarked walks through ornamental and ancient woods. Look out for the remains of a medieval pele tower and a reconstructed Victorian summerhouse.

Aydon CastleCorbridgeCastle
Tucked away just one mile from the village of Corbridge is Aydon Castle, the perfect location for a family day out. Almost completely intact, it is one of the finest and most unaltered examples of a 13th-century English manor house. Set in a beautiful and secluded Northumberland woodland, it was originally built as an undefended residence, but almost immediately fortified on the outbreak of Anglo-Scottish warfare. Nevertheless it was pillaged and burnt by the Scots in 1315, seized by English rebels two years later, and again occupied by Scots in 1346.

Belsay Hall, Castle and GardensBelsayHistoric House
With so much to see and do, a trip to Belsay is one of the best value family days out in north-east England. Explore the grand medieval castle, later extended to include a magnificent Jacobean mansion and don’t miss the stunning views from the top of the tower. Then it’s on to Belsay Hall, an architectural masterpiece inspired by the temples of ancient Greece, with its fabulous Pillar Hall. Last but not least, there are the huge grounds, packed with an impressive array of shrubs and flowers. The unique Quarry Garden is a fantasy of ravines, pinnacles and exotic plants, No wonder Belsay Hall is one of the top visitor attractions in Northumberland.

Benwell Roman Temple and Vallum CrossingNewcastle upon TyneRoman Remains
The remains of a small temple to the native god 'Antenociticus', in the 'vicus' (civilian settlement) which stood outside Benwell fort.

Berwick-upon-Tweed BarracksBerwick-upon-TweedBarracks
Home to history and the arts, Berwick Barracks is the ideal place for a family day out. Built in the early 18th century to the design of the distinguished architect Nicholas Hawksmoor, the Barracks was among the first in England to be purpose built. The 'By Beat of Drum' exhibition gives you an insight into the life of the British infantryman from the Civil War to the First World War.

Berwick-upon-Tweed RampartsBerwick-upon-TweedRamparts
The remains of a medieval castle crucial to Anglo-Scottish warfare, superseded by the most complete and breathtakingly impressive bastioned town defences in England, mainly Elizabethan but updated in the 17th and 18th centuries. Surrounding the whole historic town, their entire circuit can be walked.

Bessie Surtees HouseNewcastle upon TyneHistoric House
These two five-storey 16th and 17th century merchants' houses - which now also house English Heritage's regional office - are fine examples of Jacobean domestic architecture, with some splendid period interiors. The Surtees house is best known as the scene of the elopement of Bessie with John Scott, later Lord Chancellor of England. An exhibition illustrating the history of the houses is on the first floor.

Birkheads Secret Gardens and NurseryNewcastle upon TyneGardens
10 individually themed gardens set within a country garden of 3 acres. With magnificent views, coffee shop and special plants nursery, advice and garden artefacts.

Black Carts Turret (Hadrian`s Wall)Nr ChollerfordRoman Remains
A 460 metre (1,509 feet) length of Hadrian's Wall including one turret. Please note: it is not possible for visitors to park here.

Black Middens Bastle HouseBellinghamOther Building
A fortified farmhouse with thick stone walls, of a type distinctive to the troubled 16th century Anglo-Scottish borders. The living quarters were only accessible at first floor level.

Blue Reef AquariumTynemouthAquarium
Take the ultimate undersea safari at Blue Reef Aquarium. Enjoy close encounters with seahorses, sharks, giant octopus, frogs, otters and hundreds of other incredible aquatic creatures.

Brinkburn PrioryLongframlingtonPriory
The beautiful 12th century church of the Augustinian priory of Brinkburn survives completely roofed and restored. Picturesquely set by a bend in the River Coquet, it is reached by a scenic ten minute walk from the car park. Parts of the monastic buildings are incorporated into the elegant adjacent manor house.

Brunton Turret (Hadrian`s Wall)Low BruntonRoman Remains
Wall section and a surviving piece of turret 2 1?2 metres (8.2 feet) high, built by men of the Twentieth Legion.

Cawfields Roman Wall (Hadrian`s Wall)HaltwhistleRoman Remains
Wall section and a surviving piece of turret 2 1?2 metres (8.2 feet) high, built by men of the Twentieth Legion.

CherryburnMickley, Nr StocksfieldHistoric House
Thomas Bewick (1753–1828), Northumberland's greatest artist, wood engraver and naturalist, was born in the cottage here. The nearby 19th-century farmhouse, the later home of the Bewick family, houses an exhibition on Bewick's life and work and a small shop selling books, gifts and prints from his original wood engravings. Occasional printing demonstrations take place in the adjoining barn. There are splendid views over the Tyne Valley. The south bank of the River Tyne, where Bewick spent much of his childhood, is a short walk away.

Chesters Bridge Abutment (Hadrian`s Wall)HexhamRoman Remains
Close to Chesters Roman Fort are the remains of a bridge which carried Hadrian's Wall across the North Tyne. Visible on both river banks, they are most impressive on the eastern side.

Chesters Roman Fort and MuseumHexhamRoman Remains
Built almost 2000 years ago to house a Roman army garrison guarding the nearby bridge across the River Tyne, Chesters Roman Fort is one of the most impressive visitor attractions in the North East. Part of Hadrian’s Wall, it’s the best preserved Roman cavalry fort in Britain. You can easily see what life would have been like here at the Empire’s northern outpost as you wander the officers' quarters and explore the well-preserved baths and steam room. Completing the picture there’s also an amazing collection of Roman items found during the excavation of the wall. For a fun and informative family day out in Northumberland, Chesters Roman Fort has everything you need.

Childhood Memories Toy MuseumTynemouthMuseum
The only toy museum in the northeast. It is a private collection of over 7000 toys and childhood memorabilia.

Corbridge Roman SiteCorbridgeRoman Remains
Visitors to Corbridge can walk along the main street of this Roman garrison town, flanked by the remains of granaries, a fountain house, markets, workshops and temples. Sitting astride the intersection of Roman Dere Street and Stanegate, Corbridge was initially the site of a series of important forts. But after Hadrian's Wall was fully commissioned it developed into a prosperous town, a tempting leave-centre for off-duty Wall garrisons. Abandoned after the collapse of Roman rule in Britain, the town centre has been systematically excavated, producing the fascinating array of finds now most attractively displayed in the site museum.

Cragside Rothbury, MorpethHouse & Garden
The revolutionary home of Lord Armstrong, Victorian inventor and landscape genius, was a wonder of its age. Built on a rocky crag high above the Debdon Burn, Cragside is crammed with ingenious gadgets and was the first house in the world to be lit by hydroelectricity. Surrounding the house on all sides is one of the largest rock gardens in Europe. Across the iron bridge, in the formal garden, is the Orchard House, which still produces fresh fruit. The lakeside walks, adventure play area and labyrinth are all good reasons for children to visit Cragside again and again.

Denton Hall Turret (Hadrian`s Wall)Nr NewcastleRoman Remains
The foundations of a turret and a 65 metre (213 feet) length of Wall.

Dunstanburgh CastleCraster, AlnwickCastle
An iconic castle ruin, on one of the most beautiful stretches of Northumberland coastline. An exhilarating walk from Craster. The castle was built at a time when relations between King Edward II and his most powerful baron, Earl Thomas of Lancaster, had become openly hostile. Lancaster began the fortress in 1313, and the latest archaeological research indicates that he built it on a far grander scale than was recognised, perhaps more as a symbol of his opposition to the king than as a military stronghold. The earl failed to reach Dunstanburgh when his rebellion was defeated, and was taken and executed in 1322. Thereafter the castle passed eventually to John of Gaunt, who strengthened it against the Scots by converting the great twin towered gatehouse into a keep.

Edlingham CastleEdlinghamCastle
The riverside ruins, principally the solar tower, of a manor house progressively fortified against the Scots during the 14th century.

Etal CastleEtalCastle
Set in the charming village of Etal by a ford over the River Till, this Northumberland castle is the ideal location for a family day out. Built by Robert Manners as a defence against Scots raiders in the mid 14th century, it fell to James IV's invading Scots army in 1513, immediately before their catastrophic defeat at nearby Flodden. The award-winning exhibition outlines the interesting story of the bloody Anglo-Scottish warfare of this border castle.

Farne IslandsNr SeahousesNature Reserve
Rocky islands, once home to saints, soldiers and famous lighthouse keepers, now a sanctuary for seabirds and seals

George Stephenson's Birthplace WylamHouse
This quaint small stone cottage was built circa 1760 to accommodate mining families. The furnishings reflect the year the great rail pioneer, George Stephenson was born here (1781), when his whole family lived in the one room.

GibsideNr Rowlands Gill, BurnopfieldCountryside
An 18th century landscape garden, the former home of the Bowes-Lyon family, with miles of walks through the wooded slopes and riverside of the Derwent valley.

Hadrian's Wall & Housesteads FortBardon Mill, HexhamAncient Site & Countryside
Running through an often wild landscape with vast panoramic views, the wall was one of the Roman Empire's most northerly outposts. Built around AD122, it has sixteen permanent bases, of which Housesteads Fort is one of the best preserved, conjuring up an evocative picture of Roman military life.

Hatton GalleryNewcastle upon TyneArt Gallery
A nationally recognised centre for contemporary art and broad ranging displays of historical art. Has a permanent collection of 3,500 pieces.

Heddon-on-the-Wall (Hadrian`s Wall)HeddonRoman Remains
A consolidated stretch of Wall, up to 2 metres (61?2 feet) thick in places.

Housesteads Roman Fort (Hadrian`s Wall)Bardon MillRoman Remains
A fascinating tourist attraction in North East England, Housesteads is the most complete Roman fort in Britain. Set where Hadrian’s Wall climbs to the top of a dramatic escarpment, there are some stunning views to enjoy from the walls of this ancient fortress. Imagine how life was for the 800 roman soldiers based here as you wander the remains of the barrack blocks and the commandant’s house. See if you can find the oldest toilets you’ll ever see and there’s a fascinating museum too, complete with a model of how the fort looked in Roman times.

Hylton CastleNr SunderlandCastle
The distinctive and highly decorative gatehouse-tower of a castle built by the wealthy Sir William Hylton, shortly before 1400. Originally containing four floors of self-contained family accommodation, its entrance front displays royal and family heraldry, including Richard II's white hart badge.

Ingram CentreIngram, PowburnVisitor Centre
The centre has a museum showcasing some artefacts unearthed from ancient archaeological sites. Provision is also available for information, interpretation and purchasing of local goods.

Karting North EastWarden Law, SunderlandMotor Sports
1200m British Championship kart circuit. Extensive off-road area. Karting and quad bikes for adults and juniors, available for corporate entertainment, stag & hen parties, etc.

Lindisfarne CastleHoly Island, Berwick-upon-TweedCastle and Garden
Dramatically perched on a rocky crag and accessible via a three-mile causeway at low tide only, the island castle presents an exciting and alluring aspect. Originally a Tudor fort, it was converted into a private house in 1903 by the young Edwin Lutyens. The small rooms are full of intimate decoration and design, with windows looking down upon the charming walled garden planned by Gertrude Jekyll. The property also has several extremely well-preserved 19th-century lime kilns.

Lindisfarne PrioryHoly IslandPriory
A visit to Lindisfarne Priory makes a great family day out in Northumberland. Sitting offshore on Holy Island and reached by causeway at low tide. The peaceful atmosphere and beautiful views in the priory make a visit here well worth the effort. Lindisfarne Priory, original home to the Lindisfarne Gospels, was an important centre of early Christianity, and the home of St Cuthbert. Today you can marvel at the ornate carvings on the extensive ruins of the monastic buildings and enjoy the serenity that first drew the monks here. One of the most famous visitor attractions in North East England, Lindisfarne Priory will stay in your memory forever.

National Park Centre Once BrewedBardon MillTourist Information
Situated on Hadrian's Wall and a World Heritage Site the centre offers information, interpretation, accommodation booking service, souvenirs/gifts and refreshments. National trail and Cycle routes.

Norham CastleNorham, Nr BerwickCastle
Commanding a vital ford over the River Tweed, Norham was one of the strongest of the border castles, and the most often attacked by the Scots. Besieged at least 13 times - once for nearly a year by Robert Bruce - it was called 'the most dangerous and adventurous place in the country'. But even its powerful 12th-century keep and massive towered bailey walls could not resist James IV's heavy cannon, and it fell to him in 1513, shortly before his defeat at Flodden. The extensive 16th-century rebuilding which followed, adapting the fortress for its own artillery, is still clearly traceable.

Peter Barratts Garden CentreNewcastle upon TyneGarden Centre
We have a large range of plants, tools, barbecues, furniture, gifts for the home and much more as well as a large aquatics department.

Planetrees Roman Wall (Hadrian`s Wall)ChollerfordRoman Remains
A 15-metre (49 feet) length of narrow Wall on broad foundations, reflecting a change of policy during construction concerning the thickness of the Wall.

Prudhoe CastlePrudhoeCastle
Prudhoe Castle has many a story to tell so a family day out to this Northumberland fortress is truly worthwhile. Continuously occupied for over nine centuries it was originally the home of the Umfravilles but was eventually taken over by the famous Percy family who restored it. Surviving two sieges during the 1170s , Prudhoe was the only Northumberland castle to resist the Scots. Visit the family-friendly exhibition to find out all about these developments and more about this long-lived fortress. Have a picnic and take in the surroundings, browse in the shop or explore the keep, great hall and towered walls enclosing a fine Georgian mansion.

Seaton Delaval HallWhitley BayHouse
Seaton Delaval Hall is a great English Baroque villa designed by Sir John Vanbrugh for Admiral George Delaval, built between 1719 and 1732, with formal gardens and colourful borders. It is much more than an architectural masterpiece. For 900 years, the estate has been a stage for drama, intrigue and romance while the surrounding landscape has fuelled industrial revolution. The Hall has survived terrible fires, military occupation and potential ruin. Now it provides an amazing space for arts, heritage and the community to come together.

Sewingshields Wall (Hadrian`s Wall)Nr HousesteadsRoman Remains
A length of Wall with milecastle remains, impressively sited along the Whin Sill, commanding fine views of many prehistoric and later earthworks to the north.

Shire PotteryAlnwickCraft Workshop - Pottery
View the work of internationally exhibited porcelain hand-thrower Ivar Mackay directly from his home studio at Shire Pottery by appointment during normal working hours.

Souter LighthouseWhitburn, SunderlandLighthouse
Souter Lighthouse once protected shipping form the notorious rocks in the Tyne and Wear rivers. Climb to the top of the tower for fantastic views.

St Paul`s MonasteryJarrowMonastery
The home of the Venerable Bede, chronicler of the beginnings of English Christianity, Jarrow has become one of the best-understood Anglo-Saxon monastic sites. The Anglo-Saxon church - with the oldest dedication stone in the country, dated AD 685 - partly survives as the chancel of the parish church.

Stadium of Light ToursSunderlandFootball Ground
Tour Guides will share Sunderland AFC's proud history with you, whilst showing you the magnificent facilities including the dressing rooms, tunnel and hospitality areas.

Temple of Mithras (Hadrian`s Wall)Nr ChollerfordRoman Remains
Near Carrawburgh fort stands a fascinating temple to the eastern god Mithras, with facsimiles of altars found during excavation. Sited like many Mithraic temples near a military base, it was founded in the 3rd century, and eventually desecrated, probably by Christians. Nearby, but no longer visible, was the shrine of the water nymph Coventina.

Tynemouth Priory and CastleTynemouthCastle
Tynemouth Castle and Priory on the coast of North East England was once one of the largest fortified areas in England. Overlooking the North Sea and the River Tyne, it dominates the headland. With its 2000 year history and beautiful views it is the perfect location for a family fun day out. The interactive 'Life in the Stronghold' exhibition takes you on an exciting journey. It tells the story of the site from its original beginnings as an Anglo-Saxon settlement, an Anglican monastery, a royal castle, artillery fort and a coastal defence. The newly refurbished battery gun was designed to defend the Tyne in the First and Second World Wars and can be explored.

Wallington House & GardenCambo, MorpethHouse and Garden
Dating from 1688, Wallington was home to many generations of the Blackett and Trevelyan families, who all left their mark. The result is an impressive, yet friendly, house with a magnificent interior and fine collections. The remarkable Pre-Raphaelite central hall was decorated to look like an Italian courtyard and features a series of paintings of Northumbrian history by William Bell Scott. The formality of the house is offset by the tranquil beauty of the surrounding landscape with lawns, lakes, parkland and woodland. The beautiful walled garden, with its varied plant collection and charming conservatory, is an enchanting must-see.

Walltown Craggs (Hadrian`s Wall)GreenheadRoman Remains
One of the best places of all to see the Wall, dramatically snaking and diving along the crags of the Whin Sill.

Warkworth Castle and HermitageWarkworthCastle
If you are planning a fun family day out in Northumberland then look no further than Warkworth Castle with its magnificent cross-shaped keep crowning a hilltop above the River Coquet. Once home to the powerful Percy family who now reside in Alnwick Castle, Warkworth was and remains one of the largest and most impressive fortresses in North East England. It was once home to 'Harry Hotspur', hero of many Border ballads and the bane of Scots raiders. Take a free audio tour through the extensive remains of a great hall, fine gatehouse and the circuit of towered walls. Be king or queen for the day in this great Northumbrian stronghold.

Washington Old HallWashington VillageHouse and Garden
The manor house, which dated for the 17th century incorporates parts of the 12th century manor, home of US President George Washington's ancestors.

Woodhorn, Northumberland Museum, Archive and Country ParkAshingtonMuseum
Stunning new building and original listed colliery buildings tell the story of Northumberland through fascinating displays, an exciting exhibition programme, and Northumberland’s archival “treasures”.

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