Bant`s Carn Burial Chamber & Halangy Down Ancient VillageHugh TownAncient Monument
The remains of an ancient Iron Age village in a wonderfully scenic location. On the hill above stands a Bronze Age burial mound with entrance passage and inner chamber.

Cromwell`s CastleNew GrimsbyCastle
Standing on a rocky promontory guarding the lovely anchorage between Bryher and Tresco, this round tower is one of the few surviving Cromwellian fortifications in Britain, built after the conquest of the Royalist Scillies in 1651.

Garrison WallsHugh TownCastle
You can enjoy a two-hour walk alongside the ramparts of these defensive walls and earthworks, dating from the 16th to 18th centuries.Other remains include Elizabethan Star Castle and defences from both World Wars.

Harry`s WallsHugh TownFort
An unfinished artillery fort, built above St Mary's Pool harbour in 1552-53.

Innisidgen Lower and Upper Burial ChambersHugh TownAncient Monument
Two Bronze Age communal burial cairns of Scillonian type, with fine views. The upper cairn is the best preserved on the islands.

Old BlockhouseOld GrimsbyFort
Substantial remains of a small 16th century gun tower protecting Old Grimsby harbour, vigorously defended during the Civil War.

Porth Hellick Down Burial ChamberHugh TownAncient Monument
A large and imposing Scillonian Bronze Age entrance grave, with kerb, inner passage and burial chamber all clearly visible.

King Charles`s CastleNew Grimsby
Longstone Heritage CentreHugh Town
Tresco Abbey GardensTresco

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